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Precision Trials AZ is a network of practicing physician research groups located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our network consists of board-certified medical investigators who have established large, successful practices and referral networks, and who have successfully incorporated clinical research into their work. These areas of expertise comprise:

Women's Health Care...............Valerie Sorkin-Wells MD, 
Internal Medicine ..................... Richard Kelly MD

Precision Trials AZ has been conducting Phase 2-4 trials for over 15 years. Precision's staff oversees the daily activities of every protocol, recruitment, regulatory reporting, budget, and quality oversight. The majority of patients are recruited for studies from existing databases or daily patient encounters reducing cost and maximizing targeted recruitment. We are able to use a central IRB and move quickly through start-up submissions. 
All our physician investigators have completed GCP and NIH training and our coordinators are experienced.

The director of operations, Ali Hamieh, has over 13 years of experience in a variety of therapeutic areas within the medical field. He became involved in clinical trials more than 15 years ago because he was passionate about science and patient care. He genuinely thinks that the work he does to improve medicine and assist patients is worthwhile.

Please send all inquiries for additional information or CVs to

Precision Trials AZ